• Will Snowden put in a good word for Pussy Riot?

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    Whether you consider Snowden a hero or a traitor, the facts are this by his own admission: Upon employment and while applying for a clearance he signed a wide variety of U.S. legal documents saying that he would not disclose the information he had access to. The documents he signed spelled out the severe penalties he would be subject to if he violated them. He did not take the job under duress, and could have gotten a job working in the IT department at Macy’s, for example. He then willfully violated those agreements. Subsequently he has told foreign news agencies that he took his job at BAH with the intention of stealing and distributing those documents. There is nothing but his word that he has not given those documents or portions of them (willingly or unwillingly) to foreign governments. The US government has expressed the intent of prosecuting him in exactly the way he agreed to when he took the clearance and the job.
    Maybe in 50 years we will all think he’s a hero for what he did. But even if that’s the case, heroes sometimes have to pay the price. Snowden is not being unduly persecuted nor is the administration somehow “disrespecting the constitution” by subjecting him to the penalties he knew he would be subjected to for his actions.
    And meanwhile he is seeking help from Russia, China, Iran, and a host of countries whose human rights records make waterboarding and Guantanamo look rather mundane. Maybe when he’s talking to the Russians about what great guys they are he can put in a good word for Pussy Riot.
    As far as I can tell, he wants to be a hero, but he’s not willing to step up and take the punishment he agreed to take. Instead he is leaning into the role of a Juilian Assange wannabe, seeking attention and notariety but ultimately replacing courage with hypocrisy.


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    1. August 12, 2013 at 11:07 am

      Well put. As your entry lays out, those types of bedfellows won’t handle the material he’s selling any more delicately than the US due process. Maybe just offer a higher price. And while he was at it, I had hoped we sent him over there to steal back that guy’s Super Bowl ring.